Anyone want to interpret the Ace Of Rings from The Christmas Island Oracle deck for me? 🤔

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futuristic unisex sci-fi name generator (cw: rude words) 

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Moon Model Prepared by Johann Friedrich Julius Schmidt, Germany. Made of 116 sections of plaster on a framework of wood and metal. Photo taken at the Field Columbian Museum, Chicago; 1898.

Alcohol, changing tastes? 

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There's a very cool exhibit at the #NYC Met right now that includes two 16-17th C encryption devices. The book-like device is surprisingly complex, the second uses a simple substitution system that translates letters into distances.


The thing that Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet gets right that no other production seems to recognize, is that Shakespeare wrote every character (with the exception of the Prince, and Juliet who is too young and bewildered to know any better) as a uniquely tacky trash fire.

Just in case you thought you were special or emo was something new, they had songs about being so depressed you wish you were dead after getting ghosted by a lover back in the 10th century, too

Dressed up a little to go out tonight – seeing an ensemble perform medieval music including an old charm for bees. Also felt like it's a good time to wear this necklace, a period-appropriate winged Death's head. (I'm good at giving myself Christmas gifts!)

Wait, some bedding distributor actually has a product with this name; time to go roll into the "real life is indistinguishable from satire and neither has clarity of purpose" hole

MascuLinens™ Tactical Bed Sheets and Duvets for MEN

There's a bunch of people on Twitter complaining about how weird the lineup for the Grammys' tribute to Prince is (seriously, no Janelle Monáe?) and I was incredibly confused about why the Foo Fighters were performing, but it turns out Prince had seemingly out of nowhere covered "The Best Of You" at the Super Bowl, possibly as a diss because he didn't like the Foo Fighters' cover of his "Darling Nikki" so now I'm kind of here for it?

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Ok, this is kinda cool:

The old average human body temperature of 98.6 (set in 1851) is likely no longer correct, as we're running cooler than we used to. Maybe due to better public health. And they corrected for more accurate thermometers!

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having viewed a number of seed/plant catalogs the past few years, I can say with confidence that Fedco is my favorite.

Risque, car show, special edition Subaru 

Mental health - 

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In the office, just realized I left my headphones at home, and feeling like an astronaut in an external facing hatch, hearing the depressurizing hiss start and realizing there's no helmet.

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@erinbee the black stout
the tell tale hops
the premature brewial
you could probably have more names than liquids

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@erinbee When you drink a sweet fortified wine before finding yourself tied up below a swinging blade. What is the port and the pendulum?

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