Tonight's vibe is "Walking Fast To Sad Songs To Outrun Your Own Problems" and the album for that is Gillian Welch's "The Harrow & The Harvest." (Dark folk/sorrowful Americana gothic)

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I was wondering how the big online yarn stores are doing with people being home working on projects all day, and the answer is "jimmy beans wool dot com is selling a 'shit-along' kit, with special toilet paper that has stitch patterns printed on it"

Animal Crossing, morbid 

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Animal Crossing, morbid 

Stuffing your pockets on Tarantula Island is the Animal Crossing equivalent of going on Fear Factor to pay off your mortgage

Sudan Archives covering R.E.M., "It's The End Of The World As We Know It":

It's nearly 1 am, and the usual Saturday night sounds (some car traffic, people coming home noisy and full of drink) are gone, so the whirr of the SkyTrain in the distance every few minutes sounds extra loud and echo-y, and knowing that it's mostly empty is a whole lonely feeling.

The new Purity Ring album is good, so I reflexively checked their site for tour dates and they were supposed to be playing Vancouver the week of my birthday and that would have made a nice gift to myself, but the idea right now of anything happening in June at all forced out a singular strangled honk of a laugh.

Selfie, being a bit down about distancing 

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Mildly cursed convenience food, regret 

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food & pandemics, near-future science fiction story 

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Dolly Parton is starting a bedtime story series April 2. I'm in.

A dub of CATS with all the songs replaced with country music vocals by tiger king Joe Exotic

There were at least 15 things about the Picard finale that turned me into the embodiment of a poorly compressed Tyra Banks "We Were All Rooting For You" gif, but the most annoying one was that my viewing companion did not appreciate the joke in calling Narek and his sister's relationship "V.C. Rodenberry's Flowers In The Borg Cube."

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"Cuz I Love You" on vinyl arrived in the mail today, and it's been a grip since I've seen a Parental Advisory sticker so of course I was like, "Guess who's the parent now, bitch."

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a medical fetish shop in the UK donated its entire stock of disposable scrubs to a desperate NHS hospital which contacted them for help. so that's where the world is presently.

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I was having a crappy day today ... but then I learned Wendy Carlos and Weird Al Yankovic recorded Peter and the Wolf together, *and* it’s downloadable from the Internet Archive:

Selfie, Pollyanna shit/mental health 

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