I've never seen a whole Thor movie, and I know they're completely different things so far, but I was surprised at how much I'm enjoying Loki.

And if you'd like a softer version of the Anne and Gilbert slow burn, Betsy and Joe have got you over the course of 5 books. (No one smacks anyone with school supplies, though.)

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Also to compare them to another series of a nearby time period, Betsy grows up but the books don't get dark like the Anne of Green Gables ones do. (There's understandable and sympathetic reasons for that and the Anne books are richer stories, but still...) It might be best to say that Betsy and Co. get to kind of stay in the Anne of Avonlea/of the Island period where it's mostly about the joy of new experiences and community.

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(In the 10 Betsy-Tacy books and 3 supplemental Deep Valley books, here's what I can think of off the top of my head: someone performs in blackface at a talent show, settler violence is alluded to a few times and an older character romanticizes "Indian wars", there are characters who are racist against Syrians living in town but the racists are in the wrong and that's the plot of "Emily of Deep Valley", and sometimes the antiracists are paternalistic against other cultures.)

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Not that there isn't problematic stuff in them, they are books about pre-WWI 20th century Minnesota, written in the 40s and 50s. But it's a lot less than other kids' and youth books about American old timey stuff – way less minstrelry, Manifest Destiny, and racism against indigenous people than Little House On the Prairie and that kind of pioneer story.

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Technically, I've probably read over 100 books cover to cover this year. Practically, most of that has been the same handful of Betsy-Tacy books over and over at bedtime because they're snug, secure, homey, and easy to fall asleep to.

Thoughts on Nghi Vo's "The Chosen And The Beautiful":
1. A an urban fantasy/magical realism retelling of The Great Gatsby from the point of view of a queer Asian protagonist is a really fascinating lens to view the excesses of the story through, and Vo really knows how to turn a magical or dreamlike phrase
2. There's not enough space in the original Gatsby for the amount of world building needed for the multiple types of magic/ghosts/demonology in this book to feel satisfying


Watermelon radishes are so pretty, I can't even with that pink

Lewd, food, bad film review 

Me: RIP, guy who should never review cartoons and gave us the terrible mental image of a boner shooting popcorn everywhere

A quick Google search: Uh, that was only 3 years ago and he's not dead

Me: Good night, sweet prince, you've paved the way for "Thirsty for cartoon dads" think pieces

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Why is everyone surprised about the "hot cartoon dads" article, and why are so many people clutching their pearls over it? Is our collective memory so short we've forgotten the film critic who thought Elastigirl in The Incredibles looked like Anastasia from 50 Shades?

I have been putting off and putting off going for obvious reasons, but earlier this week I chipped a tooth that keeps rubbing the inside of my mouth and I could not put up with that indefinitely, so fingers crossed their office had adequate ventilation. What a time to need physical care.

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Today the dentist said to me, "Did you know you grind your teeth?" Um, have you seen the state of the world??

The Stone Poneys version of "Different Drum" is about gently letting down your himbo boyfriend, and I think that's beautiful

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So... the Dutch city of Utrecht has an underwater webcam at a particular lock that is not used by ships much in spring. People can watch for fishes waiting to get inland, and can ring a "doorbell" to alert the lock keeper so they might open the lock if there are enough fish waiting...

It's the 20th anniversary of wanting Amelie's haircut, but ending up with Lord Farquaad's.

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Food-related project 

I made a little site that suggests a random sandwich for you to eat from Wikipedia's list of notable sandwiches.



I made kimchi risotto for dinner tonight (no pictures, it's just an orange mess) and it's a perfect mix of comfort foods. Probably the leftovers will be even better.

The motorcycle is also a ghost, in case you were wondering

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