Food (vegan) 

I've been curious about vegan lox for a while, but it seemed like a lot of effort (slow roasting carrots in salt, marinating) for what might end up being one of those foods that people who haven't eaten meat in a while say "It's just like the real thing!" but there's something off about it as a meat analogue or as a standalone veggie. Anyway, this is a packaged one that's a bit more al dente than salmon and admittedly does taste carrot-y by itself, but is perfect on a bagel.

I'm glad I saw a bunch of good shows late last year/early this year because it's made this dry spell of six months bearable, but I am really really starting to miss the whole experience of live music.

Websites that ask for the buyer's size as part of the review process need to let people reading reviews sort by size, especially when the line is size inclusive. There's a lot more variation in body types among people who wear a 3X vs people who wear a medium, for example. A ton of posts that read "I usually go for small, but I bought medium so it would be cute and oversized!" are not useful to me. Show me the person whose XXL was too tight in the thigh and the person who found it perfect!

If I must be inconvenienced by an ocular migraine today, why can't it be the cool visual migraine with the black and white zig zags and rainbow shimmer?

Older Millennials who feel like they have more in common with Gen X were in high school when Daria was originally aired, which had frequently been cited as having cynical Gen X humour. It's almost its own subclade of the overlap Oregon Trail generation/Generation Catalano.

Selfie - jacket season 

It's jacket season again, pals! Time to enjoy the best few weeks of the fall before it's raincoats every day.

Trying to order coffee with oat milk or without milk is the new "Who's on first?"

Alcohol, being flippant about astrology 

You can tell I have Virgo in my chart because I'll still rinse out the beer cans before putting them in the recycling and do my nighttime skin care routine no matter how much I drink

Food, alcohol 

What's good in this world? After everyone else has gone to sleep, standing around naked in the kitchen, having chips and beer.

Cartoons, parenting, crude vaudeville humour 

Millennial parents aren't allowed to complain about butt jokes in kids' cartoons these days, because have they forgotten the Animaniacs "finger prints" bit?

Instagram in 2010: We're a fun way to share photos you took with your phone!

Instagram users in 2020: A screenshot of a tweet by someone I have a parasocial relationship to gets me more attention than a photo

The heart section on the bodice is going to be filled in, but the negative space looks so good right now that I had to take a picture. (Maybe I'll have to search out a pattern that uses thick sections of colour and empty Aida sections for my next project?)

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It's the first of the new #MastoSourcedPlaylists!

The One About Good Vibes - I asked people for songs that make 'em feel better when things are shit, and here we are! Over 50 songs to make you feel nice!

If you want to be involved in future playlists (I think we're going to do Once a Week for now) just let me know and I'll get you on the list!

Food, Girl Fieri 

The grocery store sent me the bland flavour of perogies (cheddar) as a substitution, so I doused them down with sour cream and Carolina Reaper sauce and now I've got the urge to put on sunglasses and fingergun my own trash comfort food cleverness :fingerguns:

Thinking about a recipe where the author instructs: "Salt the water until it tastes like the ocean" which is advice as terrible as it is romantic, because the ocean tastes different in different places, where is their ocean?

Anyone remember the fad for oxygen bars in the late 90s/early 2000s? Because I could really go for a noseful of my choice of flavoured fresh air right now (bubble water displays and coloured mood lighting optional).

Selfies, back camera 

I kind of dig the narrower angle lens even though it widens the middle of my face, it's closer to what I see in the mirror than the what the wider angle front facing phone camera produces (longer forehead, narrower chin).

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Playing around with taking selfies using the back camera on my phone, and shit we did really used to do this all the time with no screen on polaroids and little point and shoots.

Vancouver is currently blanketed in smoke from the fires further south, and the hemlock looper moth has a population surge every 11-15 years and it just had to be 2020 (was pestilence on your bingo card, etc etc), so it was pretty unfortunate that I left a window open last night 🤦🏻‍♀️

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