It's still just barely retro! Remember when retro and vintage were different things? This is the hill I will die on.

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Someone on Insta posted shots from Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind as "vintage goals" and that's it, I'm ready for the urn.

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Gold 'Cochon' Purse, Paul Frey for La Cloche Frères, France, circa 1900.

Right now I'm on a Green-House kick at night, because their album "Six Songs For Invisible Gardens" does sound like a greenhouse or a domed floral conservatory. (And it probably didn't rank higher because I listen to it directly from files or the Bandcamp app:

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My top artist for the year on Spotify was David Lynch, because when I find an album that helps me fall asleep you know I slam the play button and the repeat icon every night until the magic's gone.

"SOLARBEAT is an interactive data visualisation (and sonification). It uses the real orbital frequencies of the major bodies of our solar system, and uses them to generate an endless melody as each planet plays a note with each orbit. Visitors can adjust the speed of time, as well as change audio effects and which musical scale is used."

The most beautiful pulp-scifi-esque idea to come out of a research lab is the liquid carbon seas on Neptune and Uranus, with floating diamond bergs and rains of solid diamonds.

The Planet Jupiter, Étienne Léopold Trouvelot, 1882.

Free clothes, including plus sizes up to 40 

Universal Standard has a selection of tops, bodysuits, and dresses on promo for just the cost of shipping ($15 US, $21.50 to Canada, not sure about other places), one item per person. They go up to size 40 US, and it looks like most sizes are still in stock for every item. (There's a note at the bottom that says the code is good until November 4, but I used it yesterday and got notification that my package is on its way, so...)

Comfort food 

Instead of a full dinner, I had a mandarin orange and a slice of toast with Nutella; what a good choice. It's the sort of cozy thing to make to delight a kid, and chocolate and oranges separately feel festive and special in a way that chocolate oranges can't match.

Peeved that this word game excluded Taser as a valid word, but accepted "tases" (to shoot with a Taser gun), when both are in the dictionary it pulls from 😠

Places that sell pants should include the thigh measurement in the size chart. Especially for larger sizes, even people with the same size hips won't all have the same shape and size thighs.

Food, meat 

Sometimes the best tasting food is the weirdest looking: The first time I ordered from this sushi place I found the colour of the rice off-putting (the photo does not accurately capture the pinkness), but it's actually the best delivery sushi place in my area and if it hasn't grown on me I can mostly ignore it.

Astrology: Your rising sign is how you present yourself

Me: Cool, tell me more

Astrology: You're a perfectionist who comes across as a bit boring

Me: :sunglasses_cry:

Looking back at 1997 movies and my own memories of early adolescence, there are two movies I would have sworn came out in different years; because I went from taking my little brother to go see Leave It To Beaver and thinking "Huh, the kid who plays Wally is kinda cute" to seeing Titanic a few months later and having to pretend to match my friends' enthusiasm over Leonardo DiCaprio when I was very confused about Kate Winslet being the most attractive one on screen.

Selfie, gore mention 

This t-shirt was sold as a witch hunt design, but there's a lot going on in this print including something that looks like a deathbed confession, 1700s surgery or autopsy, and a crew of dudes chasing a griffon. Just some early modern homies having a normal one 🙃

This is almost a hundred years old, the look is amazing and those striped boots are especially killer.

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Beachwear by Schiaparelli, photo by George Hoyningen-Huene for Vogue magazine, 1928.

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All eclipses in
this table occur at the
Moon's ascending node

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