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Analysis of the Seikilos Epitaph and comparison to modern themes 

The Seikilos Epitaph is the world's oldest surviving complete musical composition (including notation), from the 1st or 2nd century AD. This Ancient Greek musical notation was found inscribed on a memorial monument in a Hellenistic area of what is now Turkey.

An English translation of the lyrics:

"While you live, shine
have no grief at all
life exists only for a short while
and Time demands his due."

And this same sentiment has carried on in song through to the 20th century:

"Fall starts..." Alignment chart (Northern hemisphere) 

You, a pedant: Fall starts on September 23rd.

Me, a spoopy: If you can't appreciate the poetry of starting the Halloween season with the full moon falling on Friday the Thirteenth, leave now.

The moon isn't visible from my window because another building is blocking it, but it's very close to passing into the open part of the sky – what I can see is a long and foggy section of brightness streaking out from behind the shadow of high rise balconies. Eerie moonlit clouds are one of the best things about the autumn night sky.

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Aerial view of an abandoned house in the middle of lavender fields, in Valensole.


"Bioluminescent Mermaids" can be sung to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tune, and would also make a great cartoon.

The colour looks best when my hair is a mess (and in mixed lighting)

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Incorrect lyrics earworm I cannot shake 

Incorrect lyrics earworm I cannot shake 

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a circle of druids chants in a foggy PNW clearing. their faces are hidden beneath their cloaks. as you get closer you hear their chant: "hoodie weather; hoodie weather"

@Alamantus It's adorable, but at smaller sizes the bee on the book isn't going to be very clear

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dumb rpg idea 

"The Torture Victim's Backside Hymnal" – music transcribed and played from a sheet music inscription on the butt cheeks of a torture victim in Hieronymus Bosch's "The Garden Of Earthly Delights."

The piano arrangement is surprisingly plinky and cheerful (The Ice Cream Truck Of Earthly Delights?) and there's a Gregorian chant version linked too.

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