Sam has ridden a horse before and was instantly skilled at it. Horses trust him innately.
Brad has never seen a horse before, somehow
Cass has been around horses before, but never very close
Lianna is hated by horses. The only reason for this is that God decided that if she were able to ride horses she would be too powerful

Keep in mind that horses in the Meatpunks universe have dog mouths and hands

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@witchfynder_finder i tried to find a picture of a horse with human hands and instead found this BEWILDERING graphic

@nev @HTHR @witchfynder_finder y’know, Horse Chakras, for if like your horse wants to learn ninjutsu or become the avatar or w/e

@Sapphicgiraffic @HTHR @witchfynder_finder P.S. I hate to be all "well actually" but my mother was super into all that shit and when else am I gonna be able to use this knowledge: humans have pretty much the same number of chakras, I think

@nev I was more riffing on the fact that there are, like, fuckin 3 points to access the heart chakra, like, we only get one! What's up with that??

@witchfynder_finder oh my god I didn't even notice that. Probably because of the night mode on my phone lol

How many hearts do they think horses have


@nev @witchfynder_finder They're going by this diagram debating how to defibrillate a centaur

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