Even though it was recorded the year before I was born, "Time After Time" was released as a single the following year and hit number 1 on Billboard during my birth month, so I'm counting it as one of my faves from 1984. And because when I was about 15, my Dad took me aside for an extremely awkward talk because he was worried I might be a lesbian because he played too much Cyndi Lauper during my formative years.

@Mainebot I was not out to anyone in my family, and he wanted to know if the reason I didn't have a boyfriend was because I wasn't into guys. Which ended up on an "It's okay to be gay" pivot when I didn't say anything, and the Cyndi Lauper thing.

@June He did own a lot of Cyndi Lauper albums and singles, on vinyl and cassette. And seriously the weirdest reach.

@scronide "Oh daddy dear you know you're still number one" 🤣

For real though, my hair may have been that colour then 🙃

@erinbee ahh, THAT talk. of course, in my case it was "all you do is hang around in your room with your friends, listening to that weird rave music and yelling Monty Python quotes at each other. people are going to think you're all gay!" i wish, mom, that would have made us interesting. we were just losers.

@zx3 "Mom, nobody thinks anyone who quotes Monty Python is getting laid, gay or otherwise."

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