I just read a take that since Twin Peaks originally aired on ABC, it's part of the Disney universe.

Which subtake is more cursed?:

1. Laura Palmer is a Disney Princess

2. Audrey Horne joins your party in a One Eyed Jack's level of Kingdom Hearts

@erinbee thinking about this too much and the first take gets better the more you think about it and the second one gets worse

@presolace Goofy using his shield to take out Ben Horne would be a hell of a terrible crossover

@mhoye You could play as Maddy Ferguson instead, she's just a palette swap

@erinbee Cursed take: Palmer and Ferguson appear in secret Kingdom Hearts levels. Cursed-est take: the video game tie in was always in the original series if you knew where to look.

@mhoye Cursed-est take addendum: David Lynch reserves the colour blue for various symbolic reasons in his work. With his blue eyes and sailor suit, Donald Duck is the Blue Rose and Laura Palmer cypher

@epilys A Cinderella Castle in one of the theme parks with a hidden room with red curtains and a black and white floor

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