"Die Neuen Strahlen" ("The New Rays"), illustration from an article about the discovery of X-rays, Jugend, 1896.

@autistikai Someone else mentioned this looks kind of like a robot girl, so yeah, very gay 🤖🏳️‍🌈

@erinbee she's wearing a bandit mask. That means canonically she is the avatar of "be gay, do crimes".

@erinbee I love this illustration! Thanks for posting. Interesting history behind it.

@erinbee huh... So I guess the name of the illustrator is lost to time... :/... Maybe they didn't do credits back then... 😅

@funnypanja The artist's monogram is in the corner, looking likely that their initials were SBT

@erinbee oh, it's actually called "Das neue Strahlen" which means "The New radiance" 😊

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