Lewd, emoji design 

When I first saw the regular text size of the iOS pinching hand emoji (馃), I didn't notice the fingers tucked under and thought it was a hand getting ready for fisting 馃う

Lewd, emoji design 

@witchfynder_finder Nobody is more disappointed with me than I am, but

They need to get someone who can draw hands! I'm sitting here trying to watch myself pinch things in various ways and the top of my hand is never that flat.

Lewd, emoji design 

@erinbee @witchfynder_finder I'm the least disappointed in you. Give the world a fisting emoji.

Lewd, emoji design, just absurd 

@kelbesque If we keep petitioning, maybe they'll eventually slide it in to Unicode 69

Lewd, emoji design, drugs? 



What I'm learning from this the hand is flatter when there's an object in it, but rounded when making a pinchy motion. Most of the other emoji designers get the empty hand right (and if people are going to use it to mean "just a little bit" then that's correct), but Apple is like, "Here, hold an invisible iPad pen, whatever."

This is quickly becoming a technological version of "I'm high, and never noticed my hands before."

Lewd, emoji design 

@erinbee the only way i can get my hand remotely that flat is if i let my non-index fingers hang below the thumb - but then, the fingertips are too misaligned to properly pinch

Lewd, emoji design 

@erinbee 馃樄 okay, legit

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