My Christmas cactus is in full bloom on Halloween, we stan a floral goth icon.

@Sorreltyree I'm actually shocked, I wasn't expecting flowers at all in the first place and to get these beautiful ones so early in the season feels like a gift.

It's amazing

I mean, I know nothing about cactus so idk what level of amazing but I'm amazed

@erinbee wow yours looks good. I'm going to show this pic to mine and tell it that it needs to up its game

@GwenfarsGarden Mine might actually be a Thanksgiving cactus that the garden center mislabeled. Don't give up yet!

@erinbee Nah, I know it's an Xmas one. I had to recently repot it and it's sulking.

@erinbee Lovely!
My dad always called his the 'Thanksgiving Cactus' because it would never bloom on Christmas.

@Wayril Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter are all variants of this type of plant and I'm starting to wonder if I got a mislabeled Thanksgiving cactus!

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