I hope this guy in this restaurant didn't think I was checking him out, I just took too long to realize he seemed familiar because he's a dead ringer for 90s era Jonathan Frakes.

Also, I love you all for asking the important questions: "Okay, he LOOKS like Riker, but does he SIT like Riker?"

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@triz He was already seated when I came in, or that would have been the first thing to tip me off

@ranjit That would have made my day, but alas he was seated when I came in.

@gd525 "Have you ever seen a familiar seeming stranger?"

@erinbee It takes commitment and trust to go one leg over the top

@Mainebot I can do it, but that might have something to do with bisexuals being unable to sit properly

@erinbee But... if you sit down next to anything at all and he engages with you does he stand with a leg up, correctly? I mean...

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