I swear, next time I go to a show I'm bringing chalk or tape, making a line on the floor and telling people 5'10" or taller to stand behind it until I get kicked out.

@alpine_thistle I'm medium tall and cannot imagine how annoyed I would be if I was any shorter

@erinbee I spend every show on my toes and craning my neck. Or I just carefully ooze my way to the front

@erinbee as an anxious 6'8" person who doesn't like it when people who showed up later than me expect to take my spot, this is one of the reasons I don't go to shows. It was always so nice when there were like columns I could lean against so I didn't have to constantly be thinking about the angry cone of space forming behind me

@earthtopus Fair! If someone's already there, they're there. I'm just being salty because I'm 5'7" and folks who are easily 6'2" and taller slide in front of me (annoying but a fact of life), or worse when men actually push hard while the music is going. For every tall person who shows up early or goes with the flow of things during the show, there are dozens of louts being actively inconsiderate.

@earthtopus (I'm also sorry you feel like you can't go to shows. I don't expect to take anyone's space, but damn if stand up shows aren't awkwardly set up for people of all heights.)

@erinbee nice of you to say! I admit what I wrote seems more self-pitying in retrospect, and wasn't trying to notalltalls it up. I agree heartily that my hyperconcern for viewspace is in no way held universally, and that pushers and space-sidlers suck, and disproportionately more so when they occupy a lot of vertical real estate to begin with

@erinbee i'm 6'5" and i went to a concert in japan and i was in the very last row on the floor and i was so gosh darn relieved not to be someone's pillar

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