Jumanji 3 has a selfie obsessed teen girl trapped in Jack Black's body. I'm sure this wont be an issue at all.

but to look at this glass half full, maybe this will be the wake up call a lot of cis women need to finally begin to understand the ... no no that would require people to actually see Jumanji 3.

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shit, maybe we do need more big budget movies where men and women get trapped in a wrong gendered body and have to struggle with gender dysphoria.

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i am pleasantly surprised by the portrayal of Bethany in Jumanji 3. They gender her correctly, use the right pronouns and name and its used enough to portray the situation and comedic elements but not used to affect disgust for comedy.

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@mxsiege Did you watch Jumanji 2? Most of the comedy with that character is surprisingly about being confident while being short and old like Jack Black and having to work with brains over brawn and dexterity.

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