Don't call yourself romantic unless it's 1820 and you're willing to risk rabies to wrap a bat in a poem (from an 1863 biography of Victor Hugo):

"One day Victor brought his betrothed a paper carefully folded and pinned. She thought it contained some precious flower, and opened it cautiously; while she was opening it, a bat made its escape. She was much alarmed, and only forgave him for causing so disagreeable a surprise when she read the verses written on the paper, called La Chauve-souris."

Which would you prefer to have wrapped in a poem?: 1820s Romantic Edition:

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On the one hand this feels like animal cruelty. OTOH, the jealousy I'm feeling at someone whose beloved is so gothic they send them bats wrapped in bat-poems.

@floppyplopper I have so many questions about how he obtained the bat, but even more questions about why this is strangely appealing.

I like to believe if Hugo had been around in the late 1980's he would have given his beloved a mix tape of 4AD groups and French coldwave with a poisonous caterpillar inside.

@floppyplopper A cassette tape recording made in his garage of his own synth arrangement of the Les Misérables soundtrack.

@lindentreeisle There are so many steps leading up to this moment (how does one obtain a bat and keep it in a parcel???) and he could have stopped at any point but didn't. Just picturing it as this whole *record scratch* *freeze frame* "Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation" moment for his fiancée.

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