Every time I had a black phone case, I'd put it down and be unable to find it because it was on something dark or in a shadow or my eyes just skimmed over it when I wasn't wearing my glasses. So this time, I bought a pink, white, & grey case, thinking that would solve everything.

Now I've misplaced my phone:

On my bed with grey & white bedding
Tossed onto a fuzzy pink jacket left on the couch
On a laundry pile with a pink duvet
Beside a white & grey plant pot
On a white & grey counter top


This means the problem is me and not the phone, but it's also still the original problem because the screen is black if I leave it face up 🤦

@erinbee But if you leave it face up you can call it and it glows. But... you'd need a second phone to do that and I hear I'm the only person under 40 left who has a landline :D

@Juju I am not above getting my laptop out, wandering the apartment and messaging myself to listen for little pings 😆

@erinbee Oh! At least you have the sounds on! :D Maybe Skype yourself with two different accounts? This is starting to sound like too much work... 😆

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