Roses are red
Violets are fine
I've brought you the skull
Of St. Valentine

@erinbee oh ok so if a Saint wants to get their skull preserved postmortem and put on display it's "Sacred", and "a Holy Reliquary" but when I want to do it, i'm "Weird", and "Grossing Everyone Out" and "This Isn't Really The Time Delta, We're Trying To Eat Dinner"

grow up smh

@DeltaFlood Most of them aren't even saints, wtf. Catholics would just go to catacombs and get bones, being like "This one has an 'M' marked beside it, must stand for 'martyr', and it was probably just a rando named Marcus. Or they'd get psychics to look for auras around the bones.

Moral: Put your initials on your gravestone and maybe someone will dig you up and venerate you later.

@erinbee @DeltaFlood there are enough relics of Bryce Youngquist out there to rebuild the Ark of the Covenant, and we are currently at 60% on that project

@erinbee going wild with a label maker in the catacombs

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