Not enough people recognize that Valentine is also the patron saint of beekeepers, so this February 14th why not send your loved ones a BOX OF BEES

@pagrus Bee condos are a good thing though! We can always use more pollinators!

@erinbee because bees are endangered and honey is both good (sweet) and scary enough (literal bug regurgitation of plant sperm, in bulk)

@efi Or we could build bee condos to encourage pollinators into gardens!

@efi Reasonable, I'm not letting Jerry Seinfeld anywhere near my garden

@erinbee good, let's keep it at beehive boxes, then
I don't think bees need running water or car parkings
I'll accept acclimation devices and lights, tho

@erinbee In completely unrelated news, I’m no longer allowed to send deliveries to my wife’s office

@erinbee is this how you foreshadowing showing up at a party in a coffin?

@erinbee Rather send them flower seeds so they can plant them and thus help certain types of bees to find food. :)

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