Real without consistent and regular outside stimulus upon which to hang a schedule or routine, the clock becomes increasingly irrelevant hours, who's up?

@erinbee Heck, I guess that’s me.

(I’m trying to establish my own routine but my body appears to be fighting me on that given my current state of “not sleeping”.)

@erinbee I went nocturnal ages ago, it's the only way to get quiet time.

@mdhughes It's not a bad way to be! I'm used to a 1 or 2 am bedtime, but I can see this turning into a problem where I start to run 28 or 30 hour "days"

@erinbee I've been up since 4am for no particular reason. I'd watch the sun rise but it's raining.

@ivanvector That's disappointing. What's even the point of early morning without it?

@erinbee Well my coworkers* are helpfully feeding me suggestions


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