At the point where I've nearly convinced myself that now is the time to shave my head: "When I can see people face to face again, I'll have all new fresh guaranteed virus-free* hair!"

* I'm not sick and that's also not how viruses work

@erinbee oh god you too, huh? I'm nearly at the 'pixie cut to grow out dye lines and reduce contamination' stage here, and I keep bringing out the scissors.

@pamela Haha, I was already at "If I cut on the dye line, it'll be cute right???" and managed to keep from doing that chop. We got this ✊

@erinbee I am contenting myself with refreshing my bob and then stopping and it's gonna be cute and not take months to repair XD

💈 🙅 :flan_strong:

@Cathymarinara When I was six, I had scarlet fever and had just a little before that read the Little House On The Prairie book when Mary gets sick before she goes blind, and I cried and cried because I thought I was going to have to lose all my hair.

@erinbee omg!!! Poor little you!!!!! I was a sickly little kid also reading those books and I DON’T BLAME YOU ONE BIT

@erinbee tho the princess in the pigpen was the primo scarlet fever book as a kid

@erinbee My sister totally thought her stuffed animal had to be burned because of the Velveteen Rabbit!

@erinbee Ah...haha...maybe I should remember to tell the whole story. My folks told her that wasn’t going to happen as soon as they figured out what she was upset about

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