One of my neighbours has reached the point in their quarantine where it's CRANK THE CALLIOPE MUSIC TO ELEVEN time

Hifi Carousel Radio Beats To Isolate/Panic To

@erinbee oh my god they're legit listening to carousel music??

@erinbee i used to work as a ride operator, and one of the rides i was trained on was an antique carousel... listening to blaring carousel music for like 4-6 hours in a shift was the worst thing ever ;-; i can't believe someone would voluntarily listen to calliope music

@erinbee i had to listen to music pretty much nonstop after leaving my shifts or else my brain would just fill in the silence with carousel music

@xyzzy One of the attractions at the museum in my town is a 1900s carousel, and I could barely even stand the 10-15 minute wait to ride it back when my kid was little and obsessed. Carousel operators are the real amusement park MVPs.

@xyzzy @erinbee

> listening to blaring carousel music for like 4-6 hours in a shift was the worst thing ever

years ago there was a computer store i frequented that sold a lot of Amiga stuff. they were showing off the latest audio sampler by playing a loop of about nine seconds of John Farnham's "You're The Voice". the chorus. it was on repeat ALL DAY.

it must have driven them even more insane.

@erinbee reading these two toots in reverse order, I found this one without context deliciously hard to parse. I love when that happens

@evilscientistca Alas, it sounded like it was being played through a stereo. (I'd be impressed at anyone who could get a calliope into their apartment, the stairs and elevator are so narrow we struggled to move furniture in.)

@erinbee perhaps a new rule is in order then, calliope music to be only played on an actual calliope...

@erinbee All of our neighbors can be thankful that we lent out our accordion before the pandemic.

@sculpin But the accordion is cool! (Weird Al fans? No?)

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