Selfie, heart glasses 

Speaking of heart-shaped sunglasses, I can recommend them and Zenni's tinted lenses. (These are a different shape from the rainbow ones, but they're almost same size and good on bigger faces.)

@erinbee ooooooh cute, and good to know as a fellow big face haver

@Pixley Thanks! I can't go for anything smaller than 140mm wide, and these fit the bill

re: Selfie, heart glasses 

@Calluna Thank you!

Selfie, heart glasses 

@erinbee fantastic!!

re:Selfie, heart glasses 

@Fritillaria2 ❣️❣️

Selfie, heart glasses 

@erinbee this is so cute ahhh 😍

Selfie, heart glasses 

@erinbee omg perfect selfie. the flowers. the shades. the cutie! 10/10!

Selfie, heart glasses 

@swirlz Ahhhh thanks 😊🍰

@erinbee 😍

(do you like my emoji impression of you)

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