The laundry room in my building is as small as it can be to fit six washers and seven dryers, so it's hard to manoeuvre to keep two people six feet apart and the whole thing falls apart if three people try to fit in. (If there's other people already in there, I wait outside in the parkade.) I go twice a week, and since March do you know how many people I've seen wearing a mask? Me and the building manager. It's starting to make me feel like an over reacting hypochondriac. (Won't stop, though.)

@erinbee It's entirely valid to be wary of people who aren't taking precautions because it's not as if the pandemic is over , and people not taking care of their impact isn't really considerate of the people around them

@Food Thanks for the reassurance. (Side note: I get that masks aren't necessarily accessible to everyone, but waiting a couple minutes is simple and considerate!)

@erinbee this overreacting hypochondriac bought herself a washing machine that plugs into the kitchen sink

it was a very good investment at the start of all this

@evilscientistca My sympathies. And it's a whole upside down situation when the Juggalos are a voice of epidemiological reason.

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