Lioconcha hieroglyphica, a mollusc with a shell that looks like it has an unknown language inscribed on it.

(It looks like a mashup of Sanskrit and Ogham more than it does hieroglyphs, though)

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@erinbee brb designing a conscript to find random words in this

@elilla @erinbee is conscript short for constructed script or something like that? Looking it up just gives me things to do with the word conscript as in conscripted

@amandag @erinbee ja same as conlang but not a language, just a script. e.g. the First Ones writing from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

@erinbee Pyramid Constructors Secrets written by Aliens in their DNA. 👽

@erinbee what the fuck there's so many right angles!! why? you never see right angles like this in nature and this is a fractal of them!

@erinbee Whooaa, /cool!/

*carefully picks up the shell in his jaws and passes it to @ziphi*


This is an early example of tech companies with bad HR processes.

All the interviewer knew to ask was pointless whiteboarding questions about tree traversal.

@erinbee This is so nice! Thanks for sharing! ☺

This especially relate to me as a computer scientist: these kind of patterns really look like the ones generated from usual cellular automatons (like the famous 110 rule). Is this some kind of naturally occuring Turing machine? ☺

I had not, but the cover looks familiar :D
A few people have written from a computational perspective on these patterns in shells

@dantheclamman That is very likely not included in "a new kind of science". I loved reading it, but the author is clearly from outside of academia and does not acknowledge the work of others. Me, me, me. @erinbee

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