American burlesque dancer Zorita, walking her pet snake; 1937.

@erinbee Snakes must be as cooperative to walk as cats given her expression.

@evilscientistca Or slow on pavement and not particularly exciting 😆

@erinbee @evilscientistca as a former snake keeper,I can’t imagine this being a particularly exciting outing. (Also I hope it was a warm day, pythons are prone to respiratory infections.)

@feorlen @evilscientistca There's another source that says the photo was taken in Miami, so the weather likely wasn't chilly!

@erinbee if you hadn't captioned this. I'd have assumed this was Portland circa 2011

@paperfixie Haha, yeah it's kind of timeless within the last 90 years

@erinbee it just has to be pre-Bay Area tech startups taking over PDX

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