TIL there are birds of paradise that have feathers as black or blacker than vantablack. Watch this one ruff out its neck feathers to attract another bird (who apparently wasn't impressed?):

(I had this posted before that the bigger bird was scaring the smaller one because I had it mixed up with something else I was reading about ultrablack sea animals using it to lurk and didn't double check my crossed wires. Thanks to @dadegroot for pointing that out)

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@erinbee riflebirds! the little side-side head motion they do before going into w i d e m o d e is one of the weirdest motions i've ever seen a bird do.

@erinbee oh wait sorry that's the Superb Bird-of-Paradise, different species. same neck of the woods though.

@nein09 It's hard not to be, unless the grey bird is waiting for MOAR FEATHERS

@Nikolai_Kingsley Their Kickstarter explicitly says their mating dance is not art and is not for Anish Kapoor

@erinbee And they've also discovered deep sea fish that "absorb more than 99.9 percent of the light that hits their skin."

@erinbee wanna come back to my place? I’ve got



@erinbee The black birb is the hero we need but don't have

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