Anyone else look at the Seattle hockey team's logo and think they wouldn't know majesty if it came up and bit them in the face?

@erinbee Majestic.

But, I mean, they can't all be winners. The Philadelphia Union (MLS) thinks this is what a snake looks like.

(His name is Phang, which is not so much "majestic" as "inevitable" in a city that loves to replace F with PH.)

@gamehawk He looks like a lizard.

Thank goodness there's no way to put a pH in Gritty 😅

@erinbee He's a very cute lizard (still needs a tail though) so I dunno why they insist he has to be a snake. There's a story, though 🤷:


if hockey was supposed to be majestic, they'd all be wearing bishop's mitres and robes.

@AudreyJune It looks like Trogdor without the beefy arm and lines of majesty.

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