I started this last year, put it aside because stitching dark blue thread on black cloth was frustrating me to no end, and now I'm back on it because there's no better time for unfinished projects. (Sure, Michaels is open for curbside pickup if I did get distracted enough to want to start a new one, but getting all of the floss colours for any cross stitch at once from one location is a miracle in the best of times.) There's about 4800 stitches left to do, let's see how far staying in gets me.

"Let's see how far staying in gets me!" was an optimistic view, it turns out just existing and trying to keep my shit together during a global pandemic is exhausting and stressful and wasn't exactly conducive to the part of a project I was already burnt out on. Who knew? Anyway, I picked up steam recently and the tons and tons of dark blue stitches in that quadrant are finally done so it's on to the sweet multicoloured center.

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3/4 done and taking a picture because I love the sharp edges and negative space waiting for the final section. (And the center looks like psychedelic Pac-Man)

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Into the final stretch! The edge between the two top halves kind of stands out, but that comes down to two things: my stitching gauge has changed a bit and the stitches on the left have had over a year to relax and settle in. Once it's been washed and steamed they should rest into each other more evenly and far less noticeably.

FINISHED! (Aside from washing and ironing, and choosing a frame so I can decide how to sign it.) The pattern is Mars by StitchingLand, it's about 20 cm across, and 10437 stitches. The photo doesn't capture how pleasing the texture really is, so many stitches so close together is deeply satisfying.

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@swirlz Thanks! I'm so excited to see it complete!

@swirlz Thanks! This designer makes so much good stuff, and I'm glad it turned out so well.

that's marvelous

...I kinda thought that was a pokeball, but I can see now that's a crater not the button

really very beautiful

@fauning Thanks! (And now I see the Pokeball too 😆)

@fauning @erinbee I wonder if it's even cooler: that central feature to me suggests Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the solar system! It's Mars's claim to fame 🌋 (well, that and Valles Marineris)

Definitely also a pokeball vibe though 😄

@cincodenada @fauning Yeah, it's gotta be Olympus Mons!

(Now I've got the Pokemon theme stuck in my head but about volcanoes)

@erinbee heck yeah! It's gorgeous and wow a ton of work. Well done! 🧵

@redoak Thanks! I'm very impressed with the pattern designer.

@erinbee beautiful work :3 it's making me miss cross stitch... so pretty!

@erinbee great work and exceptional choice of pattern. It does look like running a hand across it would feel satisfying and I'm a bit sad I can't see it in person

@lastfuture Thanks! And I had to put it away so I'd stop pettting it 😆

@erinbee This looks great. I've learned this technique in school long time ago, but I was never good at it.

@erinbee Oh wow, this is super rad! Not often you see a cross-stitch that's that dense, the result is really striking 😮

@erinbee Oh this is so gorgeous! It’s been such a pleasure to watch come together.

@bzedan Thank you!I love looking at process pictures for almost any craft, and it always feels like nowhere near enough people share them.

@erinbee thought this was pixel art from the thumbnail. Great choice of palette.

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