Vintage sellers: This dress is for the truly voluptuous! Curvy ladies, watch out! It's got room for boom and more! Rare plus size!

The dress: 38" bust


Like, sure if you pull up an old 1930s Lane Bryant "Styles For Stout Women" catalog, 38" is in there, but it's the smallest size! (Which isn't too different from modern brands setting a size 14 at 40" or 42". And old LB usually went up to a 54" bust, so mass market plus did exist.)

@erinbee 🍵 yeaaah some people don't like to think about plus size being normal then too

@c0debabe It's definitely part of that fantasy white people have about the 50s

@erinbee i will be discontinuing use of "curvy", "voluptuous", and "plus size" to refer to myself immediately, and when retail is a thing again, i look forward to barging into a store and demanding they hook me up with some Styles for Stout Women. takin' it back 😄

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