Food, vegan 

I made spinach and artichoke soup tonight (no pictures because it's one of those really unphotogenic home foods, you know the ones), even though it's hot out because it is improved by sitting over night and is also good cold. This is a recipe I keep coming back to, mostly due to how good and close to genuinely creamy the thickening base is: pureed white beans, almond milk, miso, and sharp mustard for a bit of tang.

Food, vegan 

@erinbee oh that sounds AMAZING

Food, vegan 

@Mainebot It's so good, and easy. This recipe, with a few modifications:

(The cream base is useful for other soups, too. Makes a nice cream of asparagus.)

Food, vegan 

@erinbee I'm looking it over and I have some version of almost everything in it, hmmm. I've bookmarked this one for a cooler day.

re: Food, vegan 

@erinbee Nice, I have been super lazy about cooking lately (even moreso than usual) but maybe I will give it a shot

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