I made myself a body scrub for the shower tonight, and throwing in whatever I want to make it feel and smell good really taps into that old childhood joy of making potions for the hell of it.

@callie If only I had food colouring! (And a claw foot bathtub)

I used to make 'cakes' that way. I mean, I knew the sorts of things that went into cakes ...

I remember once making a batter that was quite thin, so all the chocolate chips I had chucked in sank to the bottom in the oven, melted, and then cooled into a chocolate bottom crust. That was pretty cool, actually.

Also, in 4th grade (ish), we were supposed to bring in our favorite recipe. I forgot, so I made up 'brown cake' on the spot. It looked legit enough to get into the cookbook.

@erinbee Yes! I make our sugar/salt scrub and my sea salt hair spray myself and love deciding what they should smell like (a varying mix based on The Four Thieves)

@bzedan Ooh, that sounds good. I love lemon and cloves.

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