COVID-19, food, sex 

Clutched my pearls hard when I saw people having a conversation about going to a restaurant with Tinder dates, until I realized that sitting maskless 3 feet across the table isn't the only bodily fluid they hope to be exchanging and then I was just angry anyone was in a restaurant at all again. Like, go meet outside before deciding to fuck and keep your exhalations out of the general public. And if you didn't end up liking them but still went to a restaurant? You got played.

COVID-19, food, sex, hot take 

2020 hot take: If you're only worried about diseases, it's safer to fuck on the first date than to go to a restaurant.

COVID-19, food, sex, hot take 

@erinbee i would like to transmit this warning to 1995 because they will lose their damn minds


COVID-19, food, sex, hot take 

@diode Make sure to hit every abstinence-only educator on your way

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