I had forgotten all about most of the songs on Heartthrob, so when "Closer" showed up in a throwback playlist on Spotify, I had a confused moment before hitting play, wondering if I had missed Tegan and Sara covering Nine Inch Nails.

(Spoiler: it's a solid T&S bop, its whole existence is not flawed, it does not claim to bring you closer to God)

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You know who did cover Closer, and it's exactly as cursed as you'd think? Maroon 5.

@erinbee It's got a sort of Cursed Emmett Otter's Jug Band vibe about it. What little I heard of it just now. WOW.

@sculpin Right? It's like jug band by way of someone's stoner uncle's favourite white people reggae

@erinbee It's absolutely terrible and I want to tell everyone

@scearley @sculpin I unironically think Maxwell had a great vision with that, it's on the same plane as Weird Al including it in a polka medley

@erinbee @sculpin It's probably the best cover of NIN I think. It really relates to the lyrics. I know I'm alone in this, because everyone thinks Johnny Cash's Hurt is the best but.... it feels like low hanging fruit.

Anoter NIN cover I like (and one of my favorite band names) is Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives' "head Like A Hole" because of the doo-wop he tries to put into the chorus: youtu.be/TUPvI1pO_6c

@erinbee There's a lot of people shouldn't cover Closer, Hurt, or Hallelujah, who think "Oh, that's totally the song for me!" and they are wrong.

@scronide I found it to try and gain the upper hand in an argument, but in winning the battle the war was lost

@threeofswords You know how Trent Reznor loved Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt because it elevated the song? This is the opposite of that.

@erinbee I am so curious to hear it but also don't ever want to hear it

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