Going for it with the catacomb saint/jeweled skeleton queen pattern by Night Spirit Studio. It's within the realm of possibility that it may be finished by Halloween.

The best thing about using three strands of floss on 14 count cloth is that when the stitches start to fill in and press against each other, they become like fat little squares and that's great for this pattern because along with these colours it's getting an old mosaic look.

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The heart section on the bodice is going to be filled in, but the negative space looks so good right now that I had to take a picture. (Maybe I'll have to search out a pattern that uses thick sections of colour and empty Aida sections for my next project?)

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For someone called "Skeleton Queen", she sure covers up most of her bones. Getting close to finishing the part with lots of different colours, hopefully switching thread less often will speed me up and it'll be done by Halloween.

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It's mid-October and still warm and dry enough to sit in the park for a while and cross-stitch. (Wearing a black hoodie to catch the most from a sunbeam and having coffee helps, though)

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