I keep seeing that strawberry dress on Instagram and it never stops surprising me how many people have spent $500+ on glitter on tulle, which is a sparkle shedding disaster fabric.

@erinbee its me and i’m buying them as a gift for my enemies

@reverb It's popular enough that there are knockoffs, may as well get the most glitterbomb bang for your buck


I bet if I owned tulle anything the cat would try to eat it. Since I don't post selfies right and left, it hardly seems worth the risk. :/


That time he ate a length of cooking string 8-10 years ago it ran us $2K, plus interest. 😬


They tried to cheer me up by saying that if it had progressed into his stomach that would've been an extra $1K or so. 🙄


It's because we had to rush him to Emergency on a Sunday night, rather than waiting until 9 AM Monday for our regular vet to come in. They did an endoscopy, and then he staggered around confused most of the next day, thanks to the good drugs, wondering why a bunch of fur on his front right leg was gone (and probably why his throat felt so weird). #cats 🐾

@erinbee Sparkles aren't just a fucking mess to clean. They're actually kinda dangerous for the environment.

@Mainebot Yep, that's part of the disaster. And you could prevent glitter loss through dry cleaning, but that's not great either. It's just bad news.

@erinbee replace sparkles with threaded in fiberoptic cabling and pipe in some hot af coloured light. Let's make the future happen!

@Mainebot That's not very cottagecore of you, bro

I'm in

@erinbee do you think that the cyberpunk version of a cottage in the woods is a suburban rancher with a converted garage filled with computer shit and an overgrown driveway?

@Mainebot Absolutely, or choose a trailer in the middle of the desert with two satellite dishes for internet and a ham antenna on the roof.

@erinbee ohhh yeah, something southwest dirty. PNW cyberpunk cottage might be a houseboat with a big cable running underwater and spliced into some Super Internet Junction.

Or like... a gas station, years after oil is over.

@erinbee I absolutely own plenty of sparkle shedding disaster fabric because I have sparkly disaster fashion sense, but it is not in the form of a $500 dress.

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