I've heard there was a Ouija board
That Crowley made and it pleased memelords
But you don't really like da share z0ne, do you?

@erinbee to be honest that skeleton looks like it's spitting some hot fire rhymes

@Mainebot He's about to drop the sickest album of 1924


obvious: Straight outta hell
hard mode: It's dark and hell is hot


@Mainebot @erinbee fun fact kool keith used that board to generate all the lyrics in his album 'sex style' [1997]


@june @Mainebot We stan a funky horny ghost 🙏


"No no, it's for talking to ghosts, not skeletons. The skeleton is on there ... to uh... remind the, uh, the ghost about... bones. So it works better."

@signalstation Every ghost used to live in a skeleton, this calls them home. Jeez, and I thought you were a boneologist.


My boneology credentials at this point are pretty dated. Back when I was studying, bones were still divided into inside-bones and outside-bones and in order to graduate you had to defeat a bone king in a riddle contest (even though everyone knew the bone king only knew one riddle, but we had to get dressed up anyway and stroke our long beards as if giving it some deep thought)

@erinbee It looked like this, the "no" the "yes",
a pentagram near bony wrist.
Why's it grabbed the sun? I couldn't tell ya.

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