Stacy's mom is hot beyond compare
With emerald eyes and flaming auburn hair
Stacy, I can't keep
From crying in my sleep
I know it might be mean
But I was stolen by Jolene


Jolene is a friend
Yeah, I know, she's been a good friend of mine
But lately something's changed that ain't hard to define
Jolene's stole herself a man, just cuz she can, he was mine

@joshmillard @erinbee

I am a Jolene for the county
And I drive the main road
Searchin' in the sun for another man to steal

@ranjit @joshmillard @erinbee some velvet morning when I'm straight
I'm gonna open up your gate
and maybe tell you bout Jolene
and how she took my man

@phooky @ranjit @joshmillard
Thunder only happens when it's rainin'
Players only love you when they're playin'
Say women, they will come and they will go
When you're taken by Jolene, you'll know
You'll know

@joshmillard @erinbee @ranjit the day
the day
that was the day that Jolene
took my man to the moon

@phooky @erinbee @Ranjit

I know a girl whoooo
Has auburn hair
Emerald eyes and
Skin that's fair
Her voice is soft rain
She breathes like spring
I can't compare with
Any of these

don't steal my
ma-a-aaaan, Jolene
my ma-a-aaaan, Jolene

@erinbee This post is a powerful cognitive dissonance landmine


muscled black with steel-green eye
swishing through the rye grass
with thoughts of my man and apple pie
tail balancing at half-mast
yes, the Jolene never sleeps

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