I want nothing more right now than to have an evening out, and feel all sense of responsibility drop away for a few hours.

@Mainebot What a time to be alive :(

Where'd you go, if you could?

@erinbee Tonight? Nowhere. Tomorrow? I'd take the time to go see a movie at The Rio and stop at Bandidas for Dinner.

@erinbee Maybe bring a book with me and just sit myself at the bar, read for a while with a drink.


@Mainebot It's been an age since I've been to Bandidas. Every once in a while I get the urge to try and replicate their breakfast burrito. Nobody does a saucy gooey burrito like they do 🤤


@erinbee I love their benny with the salsa verde and goat cheese, maybe with a cup of coffee


@erinbee bottomless coffee refills and being politely ignored by wait staff when they want you to leave during the brunch rush

I'm asking myself, if this is what it feels like to rule a country. Being responsible for a society in every minute of your life, without being able tp drop away.

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