Listening to Cœur De Pirate's cover of Last Kiss, and thinking about how DJs called that whole trend of songs about romantic tragic car crashes "splatter platters" and how the combination of sentimentality and snarky dismissal of it kind of always has been sad girl catnip.

Looked up "Splatter Platter" on Spotify, and someone included the fucking Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald on a playlist and I'm just dying imagining it redone as a teen tragedy ballad

@erinbee OK I apologize in advance for catching on to "sea shanty" in this thread and just galloping off at a right angle from your actual topic BUT ALSO please accept this link I hope you heart it as much as I do


@gnomon I'm not much on TikTok, but sea shanty TikTok is way up there on my faves and I love the whole general trend of stitch responses to mix songs, this is great

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