You'd think that with how fitness and outdoor obsessed Vancouver is that there'd be a Columbia store that isn't all the way out at the outlet mall by the airport, so now I get to decide if it's worth it to drive out there or to try and return these snow pants that didn't fit by mail.

I'm pissed off because there is nothing standing in my way of having good quality snow pants (Budget is not the problem here!) except hardly anyone makes a size that should fit me. The Columbia 3x was supposed to fit me in the hip, but they're cut for someone with thinner legs and a larger waist (the inner belt tabs don't go small enough for me) and the rise is too low. Fat people go outside and want functional gear that fits and doesn't slow them down by constantly needing to be adjusted!

So this is another year where I can't sled with my kid, or I have to put on multiple layers of leggings to go snowshoeing and hope the snow isn't so powdery that it sprays up my legs and makes them cold and damp. And it's embarrassing to have to say "Sorry, can't go do [snow activity]" and to explain that there isn't proper gear in my size because that seems like a weak excuse to anyone who can just grab their size of a rack at multiple stores.

And anyone who says "Just lose weight" can get in the trashcan, nobody should have to feel like they have to lose weight to deserve the joy of movement outside. Clothing should be a part of what makes activities accessible to any body type that wants it.


[me, burying those people neck-deep in snow]

"Dieting made me FATTER!"

@erinbee very frustrating ): it seems like outdoor gear is going to be the last thing to change

weight, gear advice 

@erinbee this is annoyingly similar to what i went through as a fat cyclist. stores topped out at XL, and “oh but it’s spandex” doesn’t mean much when it doesn’t cover my inner thighs.

this is a weird bit of a suggestion but a motorcycle gear shop might have what are usually called “rain overpants” in your size? they usually don’t breathe as well as snow pants but they’re waterproof.

@erinbee every. Damn. Winter.

Spouse is a snowboarder, I’d like to go with so we can try snowshoeing or something, but nothing I’ve tried fits.

I’ve been to the big Columbia store in Portland, several huge REI ones, nothing. I’ve tried mail order.

There are a few specialty mail/online shops out there but I’m so burned out from returning clothes I haven’t been motivated to try. And, of course, all of this is super expensive.

@erinbee yup. So much outdoor gear stops at L. I'm a cydesdale in every sense.

"Take outdoor exercise", says my doctor. "Wearing what?", I reply.

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