It's disappointing that the Bandcamp app doesn't seem to have any way to browse all new releases. I go to the desktop version of the site just to scroll through what's newest and wishlist anything that looks interesting to give a proper listen to later; this is one of the few at-home activities that hits the spot for lazy browsing like being at a record store or library, novelty of always having something brand new to see, and wishlisting satisfies the clicky part of online shopping.

@erinbee Awesome idea, I didnt know about this for new music. Ty!

@ColliCo It's great because it's literally just the newest releases on the site, there's no algorithm suggesting or hiding things but you can filter by genre if you want. The ticker that shows the most recently purchased albums is fun, too.

@erinbee @ColliCo

Honestly, fishing in the "just purchased" it pretty fun.

"Ooh, what's that cover art belong to?"

"Ooh, what's worth $10 to someone in Italy?"

"Ooh, a whole discography purchased? It's a vaporwave PWYW label isn't it? Probably?"

@erinbee I use the wishlist similarly. Went through all their best-of lists for 2020 and added stuff that appealed to me to my wishlist and then have been going back and giving them more intentional listens later.

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