Instant coffee that uses quality single origin beans or coffee from small roasteries is good actually. Sudden Coffee's little single cup tubes were great for camping and made a reasonable lightweight substitute for bringing the AeroPress.

Thus sayeth Erin, who won't go into the woods without good coffee and is apparently the Niles Crane of roughing it.

@erinbee I'm just reflecting on "Sudden Coffee" as a brand name.

@erinbee we all have our little luxuries we take into the woods. When I was still spry enough to back country camp I'd take an outback oven to fit over my pot to enjoy pizza and brownies. Also a small kettle for my tea.

@erinbee my mother's idea of camping is a 28ft motorhome, so you know. you do you.

@erinbee (I meant this only as confirmation that you are among your coffee loving Niles Crane esque people, not as one-upmanship or anything like that)

@gnomon I am in awe of the Pelican case set up, you have outdone yourself, sir.


You mean you don't walk around with an AeroPress in your pocket at all times for when you need a cup of coffee?

I am sorry but I have to ask do you even take coffee seriously?

@Alonealastalovedalongthe In my pocket? Perish the thought. Only a coffee bandolier for the most stylish of carrying methods.


ahahaha oh my that is horrible, I love the idea of having absolutely nowhere you can easily put the coffee mug down with it staying upright because of the horn.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe It's such a bad idea, and if the seal comes loose on the lid...


...but at the same time its making a deep commitment to your coffee. The coffee goes everywhere you go, and you shoulder its burden the entire time it takes you to drink the cup. You arent some unprincipled casual who picks their coffee up and sets it down over and over again with a cavaliar lack of respect for the sacred portal to enlightenment fleetingly opened during the span of truly experiencing a cup of coffee.

@erinbee I have never heard of those Sudden Coffee single cup tubes, they look really handy.

Ughh that would have been a PERFECT gift for my brother

@Alonealastalovedalongthe I'm disappointed that Sudden doesn't seem to be operating right now!

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