Instant coffee that uses quality single origin beans or coffee from small roasteries is good actually. Sudden Coffee's little single cup tubes were great for camping and made a reasonable lightweight substitute for bringing the AeroPress.


Thus sayeth Erin, who won't go into the woods without good coffee and is apparently the Niles Crane of roughing it.

@erinbee I'm just reflecting on "Sudden Coffee" as a brand name.

@erinbee we all have our little luxuries we take into the woods. When I was still spry enough to back country camp I'd take an outback oven to fit over my pot to enjoy pizza and brownies. Also a small kettle for my tea.

@erinbee my mother's idea of camping is a 28ft motorhome, so you know. you do you.

@erinbee (I meant this only as confirmation that you are among your coffee loving Niles Crane esque people, not as one-upmanship or anything like that)

@gnomon I am in awe of the Pelican case set up, you have outdone yourself, sir.

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