All those zoomer TikTok kids are acting like they discovered sea shanties, but real ones (old and Canadian) remember Great Big Sea.

@erinbee wait the kids are bringing back sea shanties??? :blobaww:

@c0debabe Yeah! It's a whole thing and honestly the energy this year needs.

@erinbee i originally discovered Great Big Sea through their one chemical plant shanty 🧑‍🔬

@erinbee tangentially related joke:

How many ears does a Canadian folk singer have?

Three. A left ear, a right ear, and the last of Barrett's private ears.

@erinbee i get spontaneous replays of "riding on a donkey" in my brain at least once a month

@erinbee I saw them live about a decade ago. They are forever playing in our car!

@dustin How were they? They seem like they'd put on an energetic show.

@erinbee they were pretty good - different from my usual concerts. I didn't know what to expect; I'd never so much as seen a picture of them, and they were older than I had guessed just based on their voices.

I saw them in what I think was called the Sony or Nokia Theater in NYC. The strangest part of the show, and something that I hadn't experienced before or since - the volume was lower than I'm used to. I could hear everything crystal clear, but I could also talk to my wife right next to me, in the middle of a song, without shouting.

@erinbee Is this why literally everyone I know is talking about sea shanties all of a sudden?

@queenpossum Yeah, it's a whole thing that seems to have come out of almost thin air

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