Yes, it does contain possibly ambiguous characters; but if there's room for multiocular O, Ogham, Byzantine music symbols, and the as-yet undeciphered Phaistos Disc, there's room and reason to put the Voynich manuscript in Unicode.

(Also, my bad: Byzantine music notation is still occasionally used in Orthodox churches that include pre-19th century chant hymns in their worship. But going out on a branch here, there's probably a similar or larger user base for Voynich and hoaxology researchers.)

@erinbee Fascinating!

Maybe since the Deseret alphabet is already there, the Kinderhook plates could be added as well...

@onan Just a hunch, but the LDS as an institution is definitely tech and communication savvy enough to petition against it if anyone petitioned for it.

@erinbee I'm still annoyed standard Klingon didn't merit a spot. They said "people don't use this script for communication", but Unicode would make it useful for communicating in tlhIngan'Hol rather than ASCII.

@mdhughes Really? Surely there must be enough academic research about Klingon as a conlang for a successful re-petition?

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