Cracking open a 1200 page biography and anticipating a really long read, getting suspicious of the pacing about halfway through, completely forgetting that the last 300 pages are going to be footnotes, citations, and bibliography.

Anyway, Catherine Howard (Henry VIII's fifth wife) got beheaded because she was a 17 year old who married a 50 year old manchild (he even pulled the "you're so mature" line on her), and 3 of her fuckboy exes threw her under the bus while her drama loving family did a combination of "I do not see it" and shocked Pikachu face.

Catherine Howard's death 

@erinbee the (maybe apocryphal) story of her practicing laying her head on the chopping block so she wouldn't get it wrong, is so sad

Catherine Howard's death 

@Louisa @erinbee oh no now I am getting all weepy about this

Catherine Howard's death 

@Pixley @Louisa The ambassador who spread the story was well respected enough in Europe, so even if it wasn't /true/, his consistency in writing was enough for it to be damning and now I'm sad too

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