Good way to let the reader know the story is set in 1911:

- Have a character mention the theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre

Bad way:

- Have a character think about their plans for the next few years, and by golly are they glad wars don't happen any more

(Honorable mention to stories set in 1912 where a character has a premonition or dream about a boat sinking, yet the story has nothing to do with the Titanic and it's never mentioned again.)

@erinbee excitably discuss your plans to cross the Atlantic next spring on that new White Star liner they're finishing building

@erinbee best way to let the audience know (only works in visual media): newspaper displayed prominently with a 65-point headline reading HAPPY 1911! Also it's not even January

@erinbee There *might* be a war soon, there's some grumbling from the Kaiser, but you can bet your bottom dollar it'll be the war to end all wars!!

@Louisa Big 1913 energy.

(See also: The story is set in 1939 because someone scoffed something about "the war to end all wars!" at a newspaper.)

@erinbee "I'm sorry Dad never came home from the war, Mom, but something like that will NEVER happen to me!"

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