One thing that takes up too much real estate in my mind is the time Anne Rice had beef with the founder of Popeyes Chicken, so she took out a full page in the newspaper to give one of his restaurants a scathing review from the point of view of the vampire Lestat.

Other people, foolish: Vampires are erotic.

Me, a learned historian: Dracula was killed by a cowboy. Lestat was brought back from the dead because he hated a fried chicken millionaire's tacky decor.

@erinbee Bram Stoker: How do my heroes defeat this ancient, elemental evil of the night?

also Bram Stoker: Wait, didn't I establish that one of my heroes is from Texas?

Bram Stoker: (nods sagely) Sir, you make an excellent point.

@erinbee perfectly normal day in nola.

wasn't it because copeland wanted to build a restaurant on the site where rice said lestat had been born?

@SapphicGiraffic Yeah, he put up a restaurant with flashy neon lights on the lot where Lestat died/disappeared at the end of a novel and Rice hated that it didn't fit the heritage vibe of the neighbourhood.

@erinbee @SapphicGiraffic

She's kind of a colossal asshole in general, though isn't she? Siccing her toadies on people she dislikes, etc. (Kinda' standard behavior for published authors, I guess.)

I think I'd side with the ugly building just because of that.

@xenophora @SapphicGiraffic Yeah, she was a major jerk about fan fiction and the major sites had to bar people from posting doc based on her work.

@aphyr He put up a restaurant on a lot she had written into one of her novels and she hated how gaudy it was so she made a big deal about how the area had literary significance. So he took out an ad in the paper inviting her to come in and look for Lestat, and had the waiters dress as vampires. And she rebutted with a review from Lestat about how the hideous decor jolted him from his state of unbeing. I wish I could find the whole thing online.

@erinbee @aphyr wait, isn't that the premise of the movie Dark Shadows

@erinbee @aphyr These days you can only find an ad online if you have already bought the product.

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