Star Trek III: The Search for Spock is an Easter movie

@erinbee 17 people in and not a single naysayer, and even a decent majority willing to defend the statement with the mighty pen! What an impressive lot!


@djsundog 30 now, with no objections. This is probably the least controversial holiday movie opinion.

@erinbee I think we might want to appoint you as our new middle east envoy, erin

@erinbee @djsundog I think you are both presuming the position of all those essays. :flan_laugh:

@kurtm @djsundog I'm a woman on the internet, if someone wanted to disagree they'd do it post haste

@erinbee @djsundog I cannot argue with that. :flan_XD:

I mean, I suppose I'm a dude, I guess if anyone could, I could, but I will not. :flan_XD:

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