Earlier today I took this picture of an ornamental kale just to send to someone with the message "Remember the time you thought I was fucking with you that kale and broccoli are the same vegetable?"

@erinbee that is so cool!

As a regular red cabbage home cook, I can see how that might have happened.

@feorlen I like the colour the juice leaves behind anyway, too.

@erinbee I wonder if ornamental kale tastes any good. Think of the pretty pink salads!

@stelepami The frilly heads of purple kale taste just like green kale, so I bet this one tastes like that and maybe a little bit like cauliflower or broccoli leaves.

@erinbee this is awesome! I had a professor who was obsessed with brassica. We read passages of Cato, Varro, Pliny the Elder, and Columella on its awesomeness in class.

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