Earlier I was reading about an installation where a DJ played a set for one person, and offered to listen to a personal secret and keep it in strict confidence. My first reflexive flippant thought was "Or you could go to therapy" but the concept stuck with me because who wouldn't see the appeal of unburdening themselves of a secret without feeling obligated to examine it and themselves?

@erinbee I think the temporaryness of it's appealing too. You share a space and an experience for a short while, and then it's sort of gone after you've left the space.

@erinbee because not everyone has secrets according to the Frank Warren (Postsecret) model.

@thatdawnperson I disagree, a lot of people do have something that nags at them that they feel they should keep under wraps or it would be somehow inappropriate to share out loud and deciding how to examine it or let it go might include a fantasy of no consequences.

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@erinbee I don't think it's possible to fully unburden oneself of a secret, nor to tell one without examining it, yourself, the person you're keeping it for, and the person you're telling it to

But maybe that's just how I'm wired

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@WizardOfDocs Neither do I, but the fantasy of letting things go that way is a powerful one.

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@erinbee @WizardOfDocs (Um, sometimes real dark stuff gets posted there so beware of the link.

I do like the top one, which is a tax accountant saying that if a rich person doesn't have any charitable contributions they charge them extra)

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