Based on how everyone is talking, the two main looks this summer are going to be "Please do not perceive me beneath my voluminous cottagecore garments" and "Still gets groceries delivered after being banned from Safeway for shopping in a thong bikini and Lil Nas X blood sneaker ensemble."

@erinbee i feel like there's a middle ground where i am, something like "trying to dress exactly the same as before, despite not fitting in any of my clothes anymore and not buying any new clothes in a year"


This is a thing?!?
Goodbye, have decided to quit my job, move away from electricity, and grow my own agaric.


Thank you. And you: don't be too shy to post a selfie of yourself wearing your thong-and-blood-sneaker ensemble.

@erinbee Absolutely Column A for me. I'm considering an all-caftan lifestyle.

@sculpin I'm a recent caftan convert and it's amazing

@erinbee @sculpin i am looking hard at the caftans from that one thai seller on etsy

@erinbee @sculpin i thought they had more than one of each so when i went back to get the design i wanted it was gone :( hafta keep checking in. I don't think the neighbors think i am weird enough still

@scearley @erinbee There was a seller on Etsy that I was going to take a note of, and I've forgotten who that was. Which seller is this?

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