Today the dentist said to me, "Did you know you grind your teeth?" Um, have you seen the state of the world??

I have been putting off and putting off going for obvious reasons, but earlier this week I chipped a tooth that keeps rubbing the inside of my mouth and I could not put up with that indefinitely, so fingers crossed their office had adequate ventilation. What a time to need physical care.

@InternetEh He's a pretty upbeat young guy, I bet he's got a fancy and photogenic mouthguard.

@erinbee one of the first things I did when things shut down was chomp into a pistachio and chip a tooth. It's really been cramping my style

@InternetEh Chipping a tooth on a medium hard food is almost insulting.

@erinbee I was a little disappointed in my bitey boys

@erinbee grinding teeth is so fucking difficult to stop doing though ahh

@ultranova It's the worst! And automatic while sleeping for most people! Uggghhh

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