I've never seen a whole Thor movie, and I know they're completely different things so far, but I was surprised at how much I'm enjoying Loki.

(No spoilers for the third episode please)

@erinbee it has some Ragnorak energy, but almost all Marvel movies since then do.

@srol I haven't seen Ragnorak, maybe I'll have to give it a go.

@erinbee I try to avoid being too publicly enthusiastic about Marvel stuff since it's so overexposed, but Ragnorak is a really good movie

@srol @erinbee Seconded. I love Taika Waititi’s stuff and that he got to do a big budget superhero movie was awesome

@erinbee they all suck except Ragnarok, which is good fun.

@tessaracht Everyone is shocked I haven't seen Ragnarok, so that might be my next watch.

@erinbee it's probably Marvel's best movie. I don't think much of Marvel and Disney, but that one is pretty alright. it's on my Plex, DM me if you've got an account and we can be plex friends, you can stream all my high quality media off me. 😉

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